Fly Fishing Tuition & Guiding in Devon 
Fly Fishing Tuition Devon
Beginners Lesson For Trout 
Would introduce The Following Topics and Last 3 Hours. 
Introduction - Safe fly fishing. 
Tackle selection - Assembling tackle. 
Essential fly fishing knots. 
Correct stance and rod grip. 
The Roll Cast .Theory and demonstration. 
The Overhead Cast. Theory and demonstration. 
Practice time, with coaching.  
How to play and land a fish. 
Handling fish - Catch and release or dispatch. 
Conclusion and advice for future progress. 
Fly fishing lessons are the best way forward for a beginner trying fly fishing for the first time or someone looking to improve their skill and move to the next level. Starting off the right way is always a great advantage. With a qualified instructor you will learn quickly, have things explained clearly, and be shown the safe way to fish. it is very easy to pick up bad habits but oh so difficult to lose them. We make our sessions relaxed and friendly taking time to make sure you understand. Great fun for all ages. From a safety point of view we always carry out a risk assesment for every coaching session. This includes the venue the weather and the personal situation of the client. We always put your safety first. 
Chris and Mike will make your day a memorable experience, one you will want to repeat. We would like you to have as much enjoyement and excitement from this sport as we do. 
Improvers Lesson 
Duration 3 Hours 
Introduction - Safe fly fishing. 
Leader formation. 
Looking at your casting ability/requirements. 
Casting clinic. 
Loops and line speed/control. 
The Single Haul. Theory and demonstration. 
The Double Haul. Theory and demonstration. 
Casting practice with coaching. 
Distance casting. 
Casting into the wind. 
Conclusion and debrief.  
Casting Clinic 
Duration 3 Hours 
Designed to meet your requirements. 
Correct a particular casting problem you are having and improve technique. Or learn a new skill, for example the single & double haul, the choice is yours. 
Fly Tying 
We are available for bookings to give fly tying demonstrations at clubs, country shows or on a personal one to one basis. Fly tying can be part of a half or full days instruction or added to the lesson and payed for by the hour. 
Additional hours can be added to any lesson from the minimum of 3 hours to 4, 5, or the full day of 6 hours which in fact with a break for lunch lasts 7 hours. 
The following is a list of some of the topics that can be covered during a coaching session. We can tailor a session to meet your specific requirements, iron out a problem casting or look at skills such as leader formation, tying in droppers, fly tying. Just contact us for a chat, I am sure we can help, we love to talk about fly fishing. 
Fishing safely. 
Tackle purchase - Type of fishing - Cost 
Achieving a balanced outfit . AFTM? 
Assembling and understanding your tackle. 
Knots and terminal tackle. 
Catching and landing your first fish. 
Casting, beginners to improving your double haul. 
Casting clinics - Problem solving 
Dry fly - Nymphing - Lure fishing. 
Stillwater - Rivers - Saltwater. 
Fly Tying - Demonstrations - instruction. 
Entomology - examining what trout feed on. 
Reading the water. 
Wading - safely. 
Boat fishing Loch Style. 
Pike on the fly. Carp on the fly. 
Saltwater - Bass - Pollock - on the fly. 
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